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About URL Modifier

URL Modifier checks and rewrites website URLs. Static URLs are superior for specific reasons. Search engines like static links. Search engines index dynamic links slower than static pages. Static URLs are user-friendly.

The URL Modifier can do this for you. It converts dynamic site links into static ones. Make a ".htaccess" file and copy and paste the code into the URL Modifier Tool before using it.

After creating the.htaccess file, copy and paste it into your website's directory. Remember, the tool works best with Apache-hosted websites.

URL Modifier—why? It works without downloading software, so you may use valuable hardware space for other purposes. In addition, the rewriter is free, so you may use it as much as you like without spending a thing, which you can use toward other company expenses.

SEO technologies, like URL Modifier, help site owners market to a global audience by preparing their websites for greater visibility and exposure to end-users. If you run an eCommerce site, optimizing your site pages can help you get more traffic from search engines and make more sales.

Now is the time to use the URL Modifier! 


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