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About Website URLs Count Inspector

How many websites link to yours? Check your link count with the tool. This counts both outbound and inbound links. Enter or paste the URL into the checkbox and click the button to see how many pages link to it.

The Website URLs Count Inspector can check your website's inbound links' amount and quality. Links to external websites hurt SEO. The tool shows your site's external links. If your website allows visitors to post links in comments, the Website Links Count Inspector can help. Your website's internal and external links may be counted accurately.

The tool will also assist you in calculating the number of external links that may degrade the quality of your website. Some pages may have too many links instead of the content customers want. Use the Website Links Count Inspector to find out how many pages link to a certain one. After gathering all the necessary information from a website, it may help you remove unnecessary links.

"Why wait much longer?" This tool counts and rates links.


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