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Link Cost Estimator

If you want to know how much you can expect to make from selling a text link ad to a specific URL each month, the Link Cost Estimator is the solution for you. To determine the appropriate cost of a text link ad on a website, it is also employed as a search engine optimization tool. Because it doesn't require any specialized knowledge or coding ability on your part, this useful tool is accessible to people from all walks of life. Simply insert or paste the URL into the interface.

However, you may also need to think about a website's Alexa traffic rank, the number of backlinks, and its age when determining the value of a link. Considerations such as these, and more, are crucial for setting a link's or URL's price. However, the Link Cost Estimator used by website owners and online marketplaces will provide results instantly.

However, keep in mind that submitting a third-level domain, such as, may provide inaccurate results. To examine the prices of many links in a series of URLs, you'll need to split them up. Similarly, the domain price check that it creates might not be reliable for second-level domains.

In any case, the Link Cost Estimator is a helpful SEO tool that can instantly determine how much a URL is worth. To find out how much anything costs, just type in the URL. However, this should not be the only factor considered when setting the price for a website link.

Now is the time to take advantage of the Link Cost Estimator.


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