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Technology simplifies data extraction. Scraping solutions for the web save marketers days and years of time spent collecting web data and user email addresses.Web scraping—what is it?

Web scraping is used by developers to collect large amounts of data!You may want to use the Email Privacy Checker to protect your privacy.

This check determines if email scraping programs can access your addresses. As you know, online scrapers (people, not tools) want as many leads as possible for their businesses, hence they want your email.

Email privacy eliminates all that! Enter a URL in the checker query box and press the check button. Wait for results, and you're done!

Knowing your email is safe from site scraping is the best feeling. You may rest assured that black-hat SEOs won't steal your email without your consent. Use the web-based Email Privacy Checker to see if an email address is safe from email scrapers. It requires no download or installation and returns results instantly.

The SEO Technologies recommend filling out forms on a website's "contact us" page to hide your email from harvesting, gathering, and scraping tools.


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