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About page authority checker

As the name implies, the page authority checker shows search engine rankings for a given website page. MOZ uses page authority to grade a page on a scale of 100 points. Mozscape's web index, MOZTrust, MOZRank, link counts, and other indicators will determine a page's score. Page Authority by MOZ employs a machine-learning model to create an algorithm that correlates with all search results and predicts against them before generating results.

The Page Authority Analyzer gives quick results. It may be used anywhere and anytime with an internet connection without downloading or installing software. The Page Authority Analyzer can forecast authority for numerous page links or URLs.

Domain vs. page authority? Easy. Domain authority indicates the strength of a sub-domain or domain, whereas page authority predicts the strength of a particular page.

page authority checker improves SEO overall. First, gain links from quality linked-to pages to improve your link profile, which affects MOZTrust and MOZRank.

To begin, use this tool to check a page's performance in seconds. Learn how well your pages are doing on search engines today to improve SEO!


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